Office Romance? | Put Chutney #SubjectMatter

An adult take on everything normal. A software engineer complains to his HR that he isn’t able to perform because this one girl at office keeps distracting him. Watch what series of issues arise because of this office romance!

Director: Arun Kumar
Producers: Chidambaram Manivannan and Abbhinav Kastura
DOP: Ramesh Kumar (Rammy)
Writer: Balakumaran Murugesan
Art: Ayyappan
Editor: Mathivathanan
Music: Subramania Siva
CG & DI: Antony Rajesh
Asst. Director: Guru Raj & Tanushree Raghavan
SFX: Diluxshan. A

Venkatesh Harinathan as Venky
Lakshmi Priya as Anjali
Vinodhini Vaidyanathan as HR
Vasu Thatha as Cupid
Tanushree as Female Employee

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