I Critique and Process YOUR Image – Episode 27: Jim

This is episode 27 of the video series where I critique and process your image.

In this episode, I process an image from Jim. It’s an image with great composition and in the video, I talk about why that is. I also demonstrate a trick I do for images that have a lot of haze, mist, fog or smog. Finally, I do a targeted adjustment to give the hillsides a bit more color depth and the overall image, a bit more tonal depth.

All processing was done in Lightroom because I didn’t feel that any plugin would give us an advantage over Lightroom.

To see the before and the after results of this image visit my website here:


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I have hundreds of images submitted to me for this series and definitely will only be able to do a fraction of them but if you’d like to send your image in for consideration, follow this link for info on how to send me your RAW file:


To watch all of the videos in this series, visit this link:


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