DIY Light Box Photography Tutorial – How to make a Lightbox

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make an easy and cheap DIY photography Lightbox. This tutorial will show you how you can achieve professional photos by using a light box!

1. Tape together one end of the cardboard box
2. Measure where you want your fabric to be
3. Cut out the cardboard along your measurements
4. Trim your poster board (if necessary) and tape it to the back of the light box
5. Tape your fabric to cover the cut outs
6. Set your lights to shine through the fabric
7. Photography your object

The Lightbox (light tent, light box, light cube) is easy to make using a cardboard box, tape, fabric for interfacing, a poster board, and two cheap lights. Despite being inexpensive, your photos will come out looking like a professional took them.

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