Viking’s Medieval Axe (Old axe renovation – easy DIY project)

Old axe restoration in medieval/viking or celtic style with mirror polished blade and carved handle.

I just wanted to repair my old axe but then I thought ‘hm.. who will watch video about guy repairing his axe ?!’ so I decided to just carve a little bit the handle but.. I totally lost a controll of what I was doing and I’ve made silver medieval battle axe.
I’ve created, by hand from my head, some kind of celtic pattern with head of.. I don’t really know what it is. It was ment to be the head of the snake, but I’ve added to it some fire hairs. I think it looks better with them 🙂 So it is fire-haired-snake.. oh! The Viking’s Dragon 🙂
I’ve also polished the blade. First I’ve just wanted to remove rust, then polish to satin mat but when I saw, how easy it is, I decided to make it almost like mirror. Watch how the axe reflects the wood chip on one of the last scene in the video.

Ok. Axe looks really good. (Belive me, the video doesn’t show how fine it is)
The handle is great because is made just for my own hand. It has also good balance and waight to work.

ekhm.. now I don’t really want to chop the firewood with that 😀 I would rather hang it on the wall 🙂

..but of course the life is brutal so I’ve done it – I chopped the wood with this axe and You know what ? It was very easy to work and great to use such tool in ordinary work.

00:10 woodworking
1:27 drawing the medieval pattern
1:40 carving with chisels
3:13 knife renovation / blade polishing
4:49 painting the project
5:43 final effect

If You don’t want such hatchet You can always make it as a present for Your friend or as a throwing axe.

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