TYPHOON SOS -EMERGENCY LANDING: 9th MARCH 2017 (airshowvision)

A short (not so impressive clip) of an unusual incident of an RAF 29 Sqn.Typhoon fighter jet “BE” making an emergency landing using the system built into the runway to “catch” the aircraft and bring it to a very quick halt.

A chap with a scanner informed me a few mins bfore this that a pilot 10 miles out had reported a “nosewheel issue” and requested an emergency landing with the arrester mechanism. Just a theory here but a typhoon took off a few mins before that in a performance take-off which could have been this one, and it is possible that he over stressed the landing gear by not retracting the whhels quickly enough. Also could have just been a random fault?

Much better material from this day at RAF Coningsby will be available to view within the next few days.

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