95% of the video viewers think I am large and muscular… but 5% of the keyboard warriors out there want to know that if I have the knowledge I do, the access to drugs I do, the unlimited money and coaches etc., then why am I not as big as the Mr. Olympia competitors. So I explain a few points to help you understand what I take, why, my goals, and the limiting factors. I discuss how even though I know what to take and have access to it, that my mission is experimentation so I already figured out what works, but I am experimenting to find what works even better and more importantly more healthfully. Yet I am still limited because rest, food, training are critical parts that do suffer as I travel the world. Ah and genetics. I have above average genetics but nothing like the genetics you see on the bodybuilding stage. For Bodybuilding I have less than average genetics. Bodybuilding is something traditionally you lock yourself away and isolate the variables. I am trying to learn and teach how it can be done safer without having a negative impact on lifestyle or be as time consuming or expensive. So far the experiments go mostly well. Discovering SARMs, DNP, HGH and Insulin, etc. Its gotten me to a level that I can win most regional (not national) bodybuilding shows anywhere in the world on only one week of preparation. That’s pretty astounding as I have never heard anyone be able to do that. It means I maintain an almost stage ready body all year… which is also extremely rare absent extreme genetics or harmful drugs… remember I am not on any harsh steroids or compounds 90% of the time and when I am its only the week before a contest or for a short experiment with bloodwork lab results.
Currently I just added Primobolan to a low dose SARMs cycle which has no side effects per my bloodwork and feel. Yes its not going to give me the results high dose Trenbolone and Anadrol would, but what I am doing is health and sustainable… i can continue to do this and look the way I do for many years.
Thank you all for your support and I also appreciate the constructive criticism. This video will help answer some of the questions, and if you have more i can answer them in future videos my friends of freedom and pioneers of human evolution.
NOTE: This video was done right before winning the Los Angeles Grand Prix Overall 2017 Championship. I was extremely depleted on only 1,000 calories per day and still recovering from the bad injection so as you can see my mind was working slower and energy level very low… but it worked… i prepared for and won the contest on a 5 day prep.

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