FULL DAY OF EATING / For strength and muscle mass (dairy and gluten free, IBS friendly)

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My outfit – Gymshark leggings XS, Women’s Best hoodie XS
Body weight – 52kg, Height 5ft 3
Headphones: Sudio Sweden Regent wireless headphones – discount code is Beth15 for 15% off!


Protein pancakes:
– 45g of self raising flour (I use gluten free)
– tsp of baking powder
– 1 large egg
– 2 scoops of protein powder (I use vegan vanilla by Women’s Best)
– 60-80ml of almond milk but add little amounts at a time to find the right consistency
– Blueberries (optional)
– Cinnamon (optional)
– jam and chocolate topping is also optional


32g protein, 40g carbs, 6g fibre, 8g fat

Tuna pasta bake for 4 portions:
Sauce – around 40g of self raising flour, 20g of soya smoked cheese (Tesco), mixed herbs and chive seasoning, salt and pepper

Main dish:
– 2 cans of tinned tuna
– 200g baby plum tomato
– 1 red pepper
– Spinach
– 60g soya smoked cheese (Tesco) *Leave some to use as a topping
– 200g pasta (I use Tesco gluten free)
– Bfree brown seeded loaf (2 pieces)

Macros for 1 portion (on average):

25g protein, 62g carbs, 8g fibre, 11g fat

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