Growing the Glutes | Complete Leg Workout

Leg, hamstring and booty workout using no machines. Booty building and leaning out the legs!

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Top: Adidas
Pants: Lululemon Align II
Shoes: Converse (watch my March favorites video to discover why I wear them on leg day)



♡ Cellucor C4 pre-workout
♡ PEScience High Volume pre-workout
♡ Xtend BCAA’s
♡ Beverly International Protein



♡ Wireless Headphones:
♡ Skillz Resistance Bands:
♡ Barbell Squat Pad:
♡ Jump Rope:
♡ Food Scale:
♡ Vlogging Camera I use:
♡ Big Camera I use:



Tri-set | 4 sets of 10 reps
split lunge left leg
split lunge right leg
sumo squat

Tri-set | 3 sets of 10 reps
dumbbell RDL
sumo squat
single-leg hip thrust left and right

Superset |
15 pulsing sumo squats
15 second sumo squat hold

BURN OUT | 30 reps (the following is 1 rep)
*feel free to take rests – just get them done YOU’VE GOT THIS

left long lunge
right long lunge
jumping lunge left
jumping sumo squat
jumping lunge right

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