Dateline Mystery: Murder Comes Knocking

Jarrod Davidson was gunned down outside of his Santa Barbara apartment in July 2004, after someone had left what he thought was a gift – a potted plant – at his front door.

Jarrod, 27, was going through a nasty custody battle at the time of his murder.

And while detectives had a theory early on who might be linked to the crime, it was a clue found in that potted plant that would turn this investigation upside down.

Jarrod’s cousins, Courtney and Marissa, grew up close to Jarrod and his younger brother, Michael. “When it’s the three of us, when it’s our family and he’s missing…it hurts,” says Courtney.

The tragedy has scarred everyone in this tight-knit family.

It was not until he was in college that Jarrod discovered his true passion: chemistry. And it was in chemistry class where he met Kelee Jones.

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