Top 5 Affordable Cameras and a Warning!

In this video I list my Top 5 Affordable Cameras for both stills and video that have not been featured in a review on my channel.
The reasons for not making the cut for a review varies but all five cameras are great.

I also tell about my experience of the excellent service
It can help you retrieve a lost camera. Or like in my case, help you set things right for someone else.


Some of the cameras or their successors are still at B&H:

The Canon EOS-M10,
Canon EOS-M3,

Panasonic GX85,
Panasonic G7,

Olympus Pen-F,

The Leica TL (Successor to the T),

Links to Deals:
Now I know many are gonna say things like “post a link to where I can by camera x for y amount of dollars”.
To all those I say now, No.
Life is to short for me to do the work for you when I had to do it myself.
If I see a good deal and post it here the camera is sold within 5 seconds and I have to look for another.
So there is no point, you have to do the leg work.

“Backpacking”, Silent Partner
“The Big Score”, MK2

Cattails – Thatched Villagers av Kevin MacLeod licensieras under licensen Creative Commons Attribution (

“Parasail”, Silent Partner
“Court and Page”, Silent Partner

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