BABIES as SMURFS | Gameplay with Smurfette and Papa Smurf costume | Cartoons for kids

If you like our games with our friends from Disney Junior(Sofia the First and Jake the Pirate), Miraculous Ladybug and Trolls, do not miss this new cartoon video with our favourite toddlers Alex and Lily dressing up as characters from the movie Smurfs! Baby Alex and Baby Lily are going to transform into with Smurf costumes: Smurfette and Papa Smurf! Play this game, enjoy our funny cartoons for toddlers and the amazing transformation! ▼▼▼ MORE INFO ▼▼▼

Toon Toon Games is a YouTube channel where you can keep yourself entertained with the funniest cartoons! With our colourful characters from the Gummy Bears, you can enjoy a brand new episode every single week! Plus you can also have fun with our Dinsey Junior, Ladybug and babies dress up game! As each week, you can watch your favourite characters swap into a brand new costume! You really can not miss out on all of this fun!

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