Full Review: Leica M10

Finally, the next generation M body has arrived. Leica announced the previous M240 in September of 2012, although most retailers didn’t sell them until early 2013. Not many brands can survive a 4-5 year update cycle for their flagship camera. Yes there’s been various versions and special editions, but they were all basically designed around the same body, sensor and processor of the original. There were also distractions (for some diehard Leica fans), like the X series, the T series, The SL series and the Leica Q. Now that the new generation Leica M10 has arrived, how does it compare to the outgoing model?

The most important thing for the M series is thoughtful updates without any radical design changes, especially to the aesthetics and major functions of the camera. To that end, the M10 is a very well thought-out update. The new ISO dial, the updated viewfinder, the thinner film-like body, these are all things appealing to the M series fans. The removal of video and the addition of Wifi control also are universally (almost) praised. However, the biggest changes are internal, with a new 24MP sensor and processor (Maestro II). The M10 now has decent high ISO performance (easily handles ISO 3200-6400) and a larger buffer for continuous shooting (100 JPGs or 36 RAW files).

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Check out Ryan Mah from Black Rhino Creative’s philosophy behind using the Leica M240 to shoot videos. This video was created by Leica:


*This video was shot with the Fujifilm X-T2 and XF18-55mm lens. Video was edited in iMovie on a MBP 2015

**Intro and Outro montage music ‘First of the Last’ by Silent Partner (license free music) provided via YouTube Creator Studio

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