Ancient City Full Of Gold Found In Central America?

Honduras, central America. within the deep and dark jungles of this region, large expanses have remained untouched by humans for thousands of years. practically impenetrable, the native plants alone, can grow up to 70 metres in size. Whatever it is that lay in this place, it has remained out of reach from countless astute adventurers, who have ventured into these unknown forests in search of the legendary treasure, which the trees have protected for millennia.
The ancient city, was first recorded by Hernan Cortes in 1526.
less than five years after vanquishing the Aztecs, he came to the colonial town of Trujillo, on the north coast of Honduras, to look for the mythical city of gold.
Cortes’s search for this Central American El Dorado marks the beginning of the known hunt for Ciudad Blanca.
In 1939, American researcher Theodore Morde, claimed he found evidence of large ruins deep in the jungles. He also told of an ancient legend told to him by Paya guides. a story of immense temples with large stone staircases leading to their entrances, and of a giant gold statue of a Monkey God in the centre of the city.

The oral legends of the Pech Indians, who inhabited the territory of Honduras 2,500 years before Christopher Columbus, corroborates this report.
The heart of the Temple was a huge level stone platform on which was the statue of the Monkey God himself. The steps of this platform were said to have been flanked by a colossal image of a frog on one side and a crocodile on the other. all accounts agree that the city was stacked full of gold, whoever they were, they were clearly a very wealthy people.

The White City was also said to have been the birthplace of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl.
According to the ancestors of the indigenous Pech people, whose exact genealogical origin is still a complete mystery, he built a white city of immense proportions.
The city was a sacred place of great beauty, and was stuffed to the brim with gold.
Many have claimed to have found it in the past, yet they have all lacked proof of their discovery, many began to believe it was just a myth.
However, For a very long time, visitors to the jungle who have become lost, those lucky enough to escape its clutches, have reported stumbling across this large city lost deep within the dense jungle.
and Along the Plátano River, many mysterious ancient petroglyphs have been discovered carved into the rocks, by an as yet, unknown ancient jungle civilisation. these are now suspected to be marker stones leading to the city.

these reports led a team of explorers into these deep forests in search of this amazing place.
And they have actually managed to locate prehistoric foundations and ancient mounds, which are indeed linked to the fabled city of La Ciudad Blanca.
Using lidar technology, they were able to locate a complex of mounds, ancient ruins, canals, roads, and terraces all leading into an impenetrable section of jungle, all suddenly becoming visible from laser reflections off the tree canopies in the Mosquitia region of the Honduras rain forests.

with plant life 70 metres in height, and with foliage many centuries old, the team has barely scratched the surface of this immense place.
and have not yet been able to penetrate the forest sufficiently to enter the central city ruins.
What amazing treasures could be laying in this place? could it really be stacked full of ancient gold?
All stories attributed to this mystical place, have so far been confirmed as true, so there is no reason to doubt the other information, meaning that there is a very high possibility of a mountain of ancient gold, cast by an as yet, unknown civilisation, resting in this central American jungle, just waiting to be found.

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