Indian man catches snake before eating it alive

Indian man catches snake before eating it alive

This is the gruesome moment a man catches a snake from field and skins it with his teeth before eating it alive.
The video has emerged from Assam, India, and shows a young man prodding a snake in a field before picking it up.
The man then washes the snake in a river, and stretches it out in front of him as his friend laugh while they watch on.

He then peels the skin off the snake with his teeth.
The snake appears to writhe in pain before it dies.
But the hungry man is not put off by the blood or the snake’s pain, and eats the animal while it appears to still be alive.

The entire episode was recorded by giggling men behind the camera.
It has made wildlife lovers and snake rescuers angry and led them to lodge a complaint against the unknown man for the cruelty.
Snake rescuer Saurav Borkotoky says: ‘We are shocked to see the video. We are trying to track down the man who committed this heinous crime with the help of police and forest rangers.
‘I am hopeful that we will be able to track him down soon.’

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